e is for (volcano) experiment

yes, good old baking soda and vinegar.

inside experiment

we used an old bottle (and covered it with plastic bags for a mountain feel).

inside experiment

inside experiment

inside experiment

inside experiment

inside experiment

exciting times.

inside experiment

the kids’ expressions are so wonderful.  what i am sad about is that my camera battery died on thursday morning.  trust me, their expressions were fabulous too (especially the one little girl that i thought was nervous and it turns out she reported she was bored.  so bored she couldn’t fall asleep that night.  oops.).  waiting for things to get started is understandably boring…these kids will be pros.

inside experiment

o is for obstacle course


for “exercise week” we had an indoor obstacle course set up.









i am glad to announce there were no injuries!

:: :: :: :: :: ::

i want to remember to do this during the winter months when extended outside time is limited.

e is for envelope


we took advantage of “e is for envelope” to bring a mail center to the classroom.


thanks to my thrifty husband, we have hundreds of envelopes that come in junk mail, etc.  shame on me for giving him a hard time for saving them.

IMG_3939.JPG by you.



family corner purses quickly became mail bags, random corners of the classroom quickly became homes that needed mail, and we had envelopes stuck in the oddest places.

IMG_3955.JPG by you.

:: :: :: :: ::

and did you know that 5 envelopes can make a capital E?


tape lets those envelopes stick together.

w is for web

another year, another web.

spider web  - 4

spider web  - 1

spider web  - 3

this time an elephant came out to play.

spider web  - 2

our egg carton elephant named ellie.

one elphant went out to play upon a spider’s web one day

she had such ENORMOUS fun that she called for another elephant to come…

two elephants went out to play… (you get the idea!)

:: :: :: ::

elephant on spider's web! - 1

then we had some elephants walk on our own paper spider webs.

elephant on spider's web! - 2

elephant on spider's web! - 3

e is for egg

it was an egg-celent week.  we started the days with egg experiments.  the first one was finding out how to make the egg white white!  yum.  my favorite part of preschool experiments is writing down the guesses of what might happen (hypothesis!).

egg-celent fun - 08

then we did the good old floating egg experiment. (the egg sinks in plain water and floats in salt water)

egg-celent fun - 09

egg-celent fun - 12

egg-celent fun - 11

egg-celent fun - 10

:: :: :: :: ::

egg-celent fun - 03 by you.

the dinosaurs moved out, but the eggs stayed in the rice table.  egg cartons were added as an extra sorting tool.

egg-celent fun - 04

:: :: :: :: ::

egg-celent fun - 01 by you.

families brought egg cartons for us to paint.  stay tuned to see the finished result!

egg-celent fun - 07 by you.

:: :: :: :: ::

egg-celent fun - 06

there was egg shape drawing, EGG writing, a conversation about the difference between a circle and an oval.

:: :: :: :: ::

egg-celent fun - 02 by you.

animal card sorting.  knowing birds come from eggs, we sorted by “bird” and “not bird.”

egg-celent fun - 05

:: :: :: ::

“egg” week brought the opportunity for us to change our breathing time.  instead of pretending we’re blowing up a balloon over our head, we blew up an egg.  of course that means we cracked the egg while we exhaled. : )

m is for mother’s day

SPOILER ALERT:  if you are a mama from preschool and you have not opened your green tissue paper or white lunch bag present, stop reading (and check your child’s backpack…)!





but may you all know the joy children take in making something for someone special.  this year they were “found items necklaces” (or “things to hang on a nail if the mom doesn’t wear necklaces” as one friend said) with 1 inch photos of each.

mother's day 09

yes, my mom would want this.

mother's day 09

oh, my mom loves this color.

mother's day 09

my mom needs a lot of these.

mother's day 09

my mom wants one of everything.

mother's day 09

totally worth the mess.

mother's day 09 by you.

e is for earth day

earth day

when i say EARTH DAY, you say EVERY DAY!

earth day

we were graced with beautiful weather and moved as many of our preschool activities outside as we could.

earth day earth day

earth dayearth day

earlier in the week we did a two-part project of painting earths.

earth day

first the children painted green land masses (VERY tricky to not paint the whole plate green!).

earth day

later in the day we added in blue water AROUND the green land.

earth day

and since it is X week and we are looking for treasure all week, some glitter was added.

earth dayearth day

this planet really is a treasure.

happy earth day 2009.

:: :: :: ::

earth day 2010 here.