c is for campfire (valentine’s style)

when we had 3 bags of marshmallows come to preschool, we made time for a campfire to “roast” them.

valentine goodness

using our battery tea light candles, some smooth dowels (thank you otis) and a red scarf, we had a delightful campfire.

valentine goodness

i am grateful that no one got hurt with the skewers and i hope there aren’t too many cavities.

valentine goodness

i plan to keep the tea lights, dowel rods and scarf as a kit for children to use.  i think it would make a great gift for a young child too!

s is for sunflower


all i could find was a slightly neon-toned yellow paper.  we put out yellow crayons and pens to soften the color a bit.


then snowflake style, we offered the preschoolers a paper folded in fourths with one petal shape drawn on.


some thought they worked better as airplanes.


then gluing them around a center and adding an O shape for the middle with a cardboard stem.


our state flower!

w is for winter

welcome to winter!

feeling cold?

how about making yourself a fireplace!


still from this painting project, we cut flames and glued them to a big paper.

reading by the fire

(here we are showing our favorite pages from christmas books.)

favorite books

if you don’t have a bridge/boat, the kids think you could use chairs or a table on its side. : )

fireplace stand

k is for ketchup paint

in anticipation of christmas projects, i wanted some painted paper that looks like fire.  since it was k week, we started with red paint (in a ketchup bottle).  this is almost as funny as this.



we added a new color each day:  red, yellow, orange.

the yellow was glitter paint!


the first day we painted paper taped to the table.  since i had to clean the table anyway, we switched to painting the actual table and making prints of their work.


here is proof that they were wearing paint shirts.  i don’t think any of their clothes stayed clean, though:


i is for igloo (again)

edited to add:  it seems that this post takes extra long to load…sorry!

:: :: :: ::

i told my preschool classes i would post photos of the fire we made inside an “igloo” in our yard two winters ago.

we gathered the snow from around the yard (under trees where it hadn’t melted:  a corner of the lean-to roof still in shade, under the trampoline…), dropped it all into a big mound,

dug out a hole with a hoe,

used the handle to make a “chimney” vent,

had sally bring us the fire starters,
and built. a. fire.
it didn’t melt!
it was magical.
then we came out after supper with blankets and jammies.


if we get enough snow at preschool, we’ll do it!  you can at home, too!

s is for snip





f is for fruit salad

cut that apple.  cut that banana.  cut that pear.  cut those grapes.

f is for fruit salad

we snipped paper over a table-sized piece of clear contact paper.  i make the “fruit” pieces small enough that one full snip should cut off a piece of paper (does that make sense?). during this project, if a child was successful in cutting, i did not correct scissor holding.

f is for fruit salad

then we covered the snips of “fruit” with another piece of contact paper, cut them apart and sent them home.

f is for fruit salad

fruit salad.  yummy, yummy.

m is for mexico

there were a few children who smiled a little bigger, walked a little taller, seemed to grow a little more as we honored mexico.  one little friend said, “hey!  i know that place!  i know it!”  i know she does. : )

there was a simple three column worksheet to color like the mexican flag’s colors.

cinco de mayo

someone donated a set of 1964 (!!!!!) junior encyclopedias that came in useful for flag comparing.

looking for mexico's flag

we have a little song we sing too:

cinco de mayo is a special day (clap-clap)

it makes me think of mexico in a special way (clap-clap)

cinco de mayo is a special day (clap-clap)

we love mexico is fun to say!

m is for may day…and mother’s day!

may day

we made these flowers on may day (though several kids said i should bring these supplies out to make their mamas flowers next week!  but we will do a new project…hopefully as fancy as years past).

may day

this is a very simple eye-hand coordination activity. pre cut flowers with holes punched in the middle fit perfectly on straws!

may daymay day

we also made may day baskets out of folders (folded in half, glued on the bottom half edges). the children cut on two lines to create the handle (which fits just so on a door knob).

may day by you.

writing and decorating was optional.

may day by you.may day

after snack time, the children usually head out into the classroom for work time or project time. not today! after snack the preschoolers went for book time (when they sit in our circle time corner and look at books together) while i hid the flowers.

may day

my favorite hiding spot.

may day

then we did some math to figure out how many flowers each could find…and they were off.

may day

no pictures at the end, but trust me they were cute with their baskets of 5 flowers each. : )