m is for may day

may day flower

inside it was y yeek, so we made yellow flowers.

may day flower

these were tissue paper circles with holes in the center to thread on skewers (cutting off the pointing end first).  then a teacher taped the paper and beads were added (secured with hot glue)…. “this is kind of like sewing with wood.”  sure it is!

may day flower

h is for hungry animals

during our the very hungry caterpillar week, even the animals that usually live in the block corner got hungry.

hungry animals and play doh food

they moved to the play-doh table and left instructions.

hungry animals and play doh food

hungry animals and play doh food

good thing.

p.s. can you see how our play-doh is all mixed up like the butterfly’s colors at the end of the book?


f is for food

we had some caterpillars around the classroom who were very hungry.

food for the very hungry caterpillar

good thing there were also paper plates and crayons so we could draw them some food!

food for the very hungry caterpillar

food for the very hungry caterpillar

food for the very hungry caterpillar

not pictured here is these thrifted fake fur caterpillars stuffed in sections of thrifted (but new) pantyhose cocoons. : )

v is for very favorite food


as part of our learning from the very hungry caterpillar, children were invited to bring their favorite foods for us to taste at snack time.


our snack routine is the same every day.  we find out who brought the snack (a fruit or vegetable…sometimes they bring more than that, otherwise we have crackers/pretzes/animal crackers at school), we sing thank you to them, we sing our thank you song, then we find preschoolers to lead us to the 2 sinks.  after washing hands the preschoolers walk across the room to the teacher kitchen to pick up their tray (which holds their cup of water and snack).  then they get the practice of walking back to a snack table.  i love watching the independence bloom!


but this week after hand washing they got to sit right down and we served snack “like a restaurant.”  our rules are very clear that you don’t have to finish everything and there is always more of something!  we also explain that their brains will grow and change and someday they might like a food they used to not!  we encourage licking a new food, smelling it, feeling it, etc.



i never thought i would eat chives and a cupcake in the same meal.

a is for april fool’s

oh, it was a silly few days (we had to give every class a chance, not just those who actually attended on april 1!)

april fool's preschool style by you.

the teachers looked silly (oh, why didn’t i get a photo of ms. viliya in her pajamas?).

april fool's preschool style

there was bologna and peas waiting at the play-doh table (funny).

april fool's preschool style

the letter of the week turned back to A (funny).

april fool's preschool style by you.

the calendar and the music said it was christmas again (funny).

april fool's preschool style

the paint was edible (but i didn’t tell them that at first. instead i pretended the only funny thing was that we were going to finger paint. then i suddenly licked the paint! oh, wide eyes).


april fool's preschool style by you.

painting with pudding

april fool's preschool style by you.april fool's preschool style

there were fake moustaches (funny)…really these are just strips of fake fur with a roll of masking tape.

april fool's preschool styleapril fool's preschool styleapril fool's preschool style

but the best joke of all was the coffee cream in the cleaned out glue container (funny!!!).

april fool's preschool style by you.


f is for float your boat

during our t is for transportation week, we looked at our world map.  i would suggest two countries and ask how we could travel from one to the other.  let me tell you now that these children BELIEVE they COULD build a bridge across the ocean.  they BELIEVE that there are strong enough materials to go the miles to the ocean floor.  they BELIEVE that there are cables strong enough to hold from one pole to another.  i started to believe that maybe it could happen.

but until it does, how could we get from the USA to Indonesia?  well, a plane or a boat were the two realistic options we came up with (yes, dolphin and pegasus nearly made the top list).

before heading off to make airplanes, i gave each a piece of foil.  the beauty of foil is that any way it is folded or scrunched, it will float (until it gets water logged).  so we made foil boats…and floated them.

foil boats

boats float

s is for sink

S week • preschool 0809

we had water in the tub table this week. some days it was colored with food coloring. some days it had baby-safe soap in it. some days it was tea water (herbal tea steeped in warm water). every day we put in fresh warm water…by about 10:30 it’s cold.

the milk lids (all of them!) made an appearance again. for the record, they all float.

S week • preschool 0809

no matter what color they are, they float. stickers and writing on them don’t matter either.

S week • preschool 0809

S week • preschool 0809

a child led experiment was putting a few lids in an old pill bottle then adding water which made the lids float!

S week • preschool 0809 by you.

our tub table has a little curved area that acts as a “waterfall.”  there are grooves along the whole table which act as “river.

we discovered that when one end of the table is lifted (and held in place with blocks), the river runs faster (and over the edge).

S week • preschool 0809

i quickly saw the need to collect some of the water instead of soaking the floor more.

S week • preschool 0809

S week • preschool 0809

the play moved to conversations of miles per hour and currents.

S week • preschool 0809

there were many pruned hands by the end of each day.

o is for owl

whooooooooooooooooo loves you?

whooooooo loves you 0809 - 04 by you.

these owl friends do.

each preschooler cut the eye shapes (since it was O week, this was a good time to practice cutting on a circle line…hard to do, i must add). we discussed shapes and then gave each preschooler a pile of pre cut shapes along with their circles. it was fun to have preschool moms and dads here to help us while ms. vilia is away. this dad-teacher was told he was a “VERY good preschool teacher.”

whooooooo loves you 0809 - 02 by you.

they used them to create an owl. we included a heart shape in honor of valentine’s day.

whooooooo loves you 0809 - 11whooooooo loves you 0809 - 10whooooooo loves you 0809 - 05 by you.whooooooo loves you 0809 - 06whooooooo loves you 0809 - 07whooooooo loves you 0809 - 08whooooooo loves you 0809 - 09

it was interesting to give no guidance but just ask them to use them all somehow. it wasn’t long before one little girl said, “hey! i made an owl. everyone just do it like this.”

nurturing group dynamics.

m is for martin

january 0809 - 62


“martin looks almost exactly like me” (said by a blond, blue eyed girl

“martin has every part of the face like me…except for the moustache”

“martin smiled even though there was so much to be sad about”

“i am making martin have a sad face because i am sad for him”

january 0809 - 25

january 0809 - 33

we made collage faces of martin luther king jr. using the paper from last week (which was a combination of every skin tone paint) as the face, we looked at photographs of dr. king and added the appropriate features.

january 0809 - 26 by you.

perhaps the most fun part for the kids was giving him a haircut. we glued the face on a square of paper, then trimmed away!

january 0809 - 34

january 0809 - 24

january 0809 - 35

m is for martin