c is for candyland

turn taking is tricky.  especially when the board moves and then the people fall.  especially when it’s hard to remember who goes next.  especially when the pile of cards keeps falling down.  especially when arms aren’t long enough to reach the pile of cards.

Q Week

thank you, tape.  thank you, cup.

Q Week

Q Week

Q Week

candyland has gotten a bit easier.

Q Week

g is for groundhog

well, they look more like monsters.  i didn’t plan for them to be realistic groundhogs, but these REALLY don’t look the part.

a piece of fake fur, google eyes on a clothespin so you can take your groundhog monster with you.  happy day.

b is for bell


more thrifted wooden pieces, a bit of pipe cleaner, a jingle bell, watercolors and GLITTER!




we used a couple of techniques to get glitter on:  glue and shaking it on and dipping the wet paint bell in a cup of glitter.  both worked fine.


and yes, we have glitter all over the room (and i am guessing in back packs and homes too).

g is for gift tag

we are on the last three days before christmas vacation.  preschoolers will go home with plates of homemade cookies from church friends, many projects they’ve been saving, and a little gift from the teachers.  here is the color version of the gift tag:

•  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •

little friends

can you do this?

we love you!

g is for gift

so thankful for the gifts that have been showing up at preschool this week.

i had the children help think of things they wished we had at preschool and we put the items that i think would be under $15 on post-it notes.  families are in no way obligated and i don’t talk to the children about it, it is simply an option for the adults.

more photos to come…thank you, families!

r is for rubber band boards

technically, these are geoboards.  but we call them rubber band boards.  they are a well liked activity.


a great opportunity to create in the abstract.  this is a rocket ship:


expect to spend a lot of clean up time finding wayward rubber bands (or pieces of them) around the room.  that is when i announce “rubber band rescue!”

c is for celebration

we have a wonderful tradition of an end-of-the-year-graduation-and-celebration.

preschool grad by you.

now comes the cleaning and the sorting, we’re moving our preschool back to it’s original location…

there are oodles of projects not shared here….more to come.

e is for earth day

earth day

when i say EARTH DAY, you say EVERY DAY!

earth day

we were graced with beautiful weather and moved as many of our preschool activities outside as we could.

earth day earth day

earth dayearth day

earlier in the week we did a two-part project of painting earths.

earth day

first the children painted green land masses (VERY tricky to not paint the whole plate green!).

earth day

later in the day we added in blue water AROUND the green land.

earth day

and since it is X week and we are looking for treasure all week, some glitter was added.

earth dayearth day

this planet really is a treasure.

happy earth day 2009.

:: :: :: ::

earth day 2010 here.

g is for grow!

look at our wheat…photo taken exactly one week from planting.

wheat grass grows!

since it comes from organic wheat seed, we nibble on it.  some kids ate quite a bit, tearing it off or actually getting scissors.

wheat grass grows!wheat grass grows!

it is surprisngly sweet after you chew it a bit.

wheat grass grows!

and wow, look at this:

wheat grass grows!

no mystery left here.