a is for address

again, a skill that we do not expect mastery of.


this is simply planting of the seed.  each house has an address.  if you have a house, you have an address.


we made our paper houses again (many, many different designs!) with paper shapes and glue.


adding the photo in one of the windows was fun.

working in the house

then the children had one on one time for me to look up their address and write it down.


at the end of the day we did a little “show and tell” with each project.

d is for dog house

i brought this travel crate for the days our dog sally visited, then it was cleaned out, door removed and became a family corner prop.

i only wish i had a photo of friday when there were four (4!!!!) boys in it…with pillows and blankets.  all barking.

to be in the dog house at preschool is a good thing.

h is for hungry animals

during our the very hungry caterpillar week, even the animals that usually live in the block corner got hungry.

hungry animals and play doh food

they moved to the play-doh table and left instructions.

hungry animals and play doh food

hungry animals and play doh food

good thing.

p.s. can you see how our play-doh is all mixed up like the butterfly’s colors at the end of the book?