j is for jump


a piece of fabric threaded through the ceiling tile (yes, carefully done and moved to make sure it wasn’t pulling too hard), handles made from duct tape, a trampoline borrowed from a family (thank you, otis, for sharing).


really good times.


really good static.


really contemplative figuring out of things (notice the mirror being used to see the fabric from different angles).

i don’t have photos of the little dollhouse figure that got many rides on the fabric.  she had a blast.

j is for jigsaw


a big j cut from old mat board (thank you mr. randy) covered with a thrifted missing-pieces-too-hard-for-preschoolers jigsaw puzzle and about 3 bottles of glue.


problem:  i think there are preschoolers who left the week believing “j is for puzzle.”  we have time to clear that up.

a is for april fool’s

oh, it was a silly few days (we had to give every class a chance, not just those who actually attended on april 1!)

april fool's preschool style by you.

the teachers looked silly (oh, why didn’t i get a photo of ms. viliya in her pajamas?).

april fool's preschool style

there was bologna and peas waiting at the play-doh table (funny).

april fool's preschool style

the letter of the week turned back to A (funny).

april fool's preschool style by you.

the calendar and the music said it was christmas again (funny).

april fool's preschool style

the paint was edible (but i didn’t tell them that at first. instead i pretended the only funny thing was that we were going to finger paint. then i suddenly licked the paint! oh, wide eyes).


april fool's preschool style by you.

painting with pudding

april fool's preschool style by you.april fool's preschool style

there were fake moustaches (funny)…really these are just strips of fake fur with a roll of masking tape.

april fool's preschool styleapril fool's preschool styleapril fool's preschool style

but the best joke of all was the coffee cream in the cleaned out glue container (funny!!!).

april fool's preschool style by you.


s + h is for sheep

story time

nothing like those silly sheep in a jeep to mesmerize a bunch.
ms kristin reads

we used our fists in this little chant again:

here is S (one fist)

here is H (the other fist)

pound them together (do just that!)

shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (make a long /sh/ sound)

r is for rainbow in a jar

thankful for a couple of sunny days, we found a rainbow in a jar.

rainbow experiment

actually, not in the jar (as some tried to find), but by sunlight shining through the water in the jar.

rainbow experiment

then we took rainbow crayons, drew what we saw along with the capital R shape.

rainbow experiment

rainbow experiment

who would have guessed the next days were bitter cold?

i is for i spy

my valentine to preschoolers this year was an i spy bottle.

i spy valentines

inside there are white beans, heart beads, mini valentine erasers, jewels and mirrors.

i spy valentines

plus a secret message.

i spy valentines

i’m counting on the preschoolers leaving the bottles taped up tightly! : )

m is for milk lid

preschool families and friends have been collecting milk lids for us.

january 0809 - 58

thank you!

1. header 0809

january 0809 - 31

january 0809 - 30

january 0809 - 60

since it is m week we’ve been sorting by color. we’ve noticed that in the tens of milk lids there are, there is only one brown lid. come on, let’s drink some chocolate milk!

the next phase of this activity is arranging them into words, letter groups, abc order, etc. for some of our kids we explored spacing between letters. learning that when there is a “finger space” between letters that means they are different words. sometimes it was fun to do that on purpose. like a joke. hee hee hee.

january 0809 - 42

we noticed how many letters can become other letters simply by turning them.

kevin can become keviz and can easily become kevin again! more funny stuff.
january 0809 - 44

january 0809 - 43

january 0809 - 44

keep bringing those milk lids…we have more projects in mind!

j is for jingle bell poem

we used our cutting muscles again to cut foil (folded over 6 times) circles.

jingle bell cutting 0809 by you.

the teachers helped seperate them.  one we glued in our journal and the rest we used for a jingle bell project to go with the poem we wrote at circle time:

jingle bell cutting 0809

the preschoolers glued strips of paper on so they touched the TOP of the paper, then glued their jingle bells on the BOTTOM of each strip.

jingle bell cutting 0809

let me tell you, i should have written: sing + clap + JUMP to “Jingle Bells.”

j is for jingle bell

we used j week to explore metal vs non-metal

magnet work

with huge bags of thrifted wooden beads and more bags of jingle bells, we made necklaces and tree ornaments.

beads and jingle bellsbead cord

before we made them, all the bells and wooden beads were mixed in a large bucket.  when we sunk a magnet wand in and pulled out, it was covered with jingle bells.  that was a good time.  i recommend it.