v is for volcano

oh, what a week it was!

3d volcano

one of our projects was crumpling a piece of newsprint (from the local newspaper) and having a teacher put a piece of masking tape around the top to create the volcano’s “opening.”

3d volcano

then more tape was used to adhere it to a piece of matboard.

3d volcano

then we used our finger muscles to tear tiny strips of lava.

3d volcano

then glue made that lava stick!

3d volcano


t is for tape limbo

not in the plans…but perfect.




and when limbo was over, the tape was added to the teacher chair.


l is for lame

seldom do i set up a project that is so lame that we don’t continue on.  don’t get me wrong, almost every project evolves once the children get going with it.  what i have in my lesson plans is almost never exactly what we end up doing.


this project was supposed to provide pages and pages of wood-stamped “nuts.”


but the wood pieces didn’t hold much wood for printing or rolling, the paint wasn’t a warm brown-more of a greenish gray, the paper kept tearing. i abandoned it almost immediately.

truly a process-only experience.

s is for shadow

one overhead projector on the ground behind a curtain we use to hide the church folding chairs makes shadows.


during “l is for light” week, this was perfect.



let me tell you, it was exciting.