v is for volcano

oh, what a week it was!

3d volcano

one of our projects was crumpling a piece of newsprint (from the local newspaper) and having a teacher put a piece of masking tape around the top to create the volcano’s “opening.”

3d volcano

then more tape was used to adhere it to a piece of matboard.

3d volcano

then we used our finger muscles to tear tiny strips of lava.

3d volcano

then glue made that lava stick!

3d volcano

l is for lame

seldom do i set up a project that is so lame that we don’t continue on.  don’t get me wrong, almost every project evolves once the children get going with it.  what i have in my lesson plans is almost never exactly what we end up doing.


this project was supposed to provide pages and pages of wood-stamped “nuts.”


but the wood pieces didn’t hold much wood for printing or rolling, the paint wasn’t a warm brown-more of a greenish gray, the paper kept tearing. i abandoned it almost immediately.

truly a process-only experience.

l is for light

did you know that colored paper dividers that your middle school daughter thought she needed and then didn’t are fun to cut and make colored images on the screen when put on an overhead projector?

good times.

l is for legoland

when we bring out the legos, it makes sense to me that keeping them in tubs or on shelves isn’t practical.


especially when there is a certain blue piece with a curvy edge that has to be found.


so this year i set out a couple of area rugs and called them “legoland.”  this is where we kept the legos.


when it was time to clean up at the end of the week and going outside to run and scream was really what we were ready for, tossing the legos in was a great compromise.


p is for pretty plates

p is for pretty plates by you.

quite simple and using several media, we made pretty plates.

p is for pretty plates

rick rack, lace, crayons, glitter and paper hearts.

p is for pretty plates by you.

the lace and rick rack pushed and pulled through the holes.

p is for pretty plates by you.

learning how to tie a knot.

p is for pretty plates

getting excited about p-p-p-pink and p-p-p-purp-p-p-ple (p sounds).

p is for pretty plates

adding layers of glitter.

p is for pretty plates

using them to sing our alphabet song

(we sang “p is for pretty plate” instead of “p is for peanut” like our alphabet card shows)

p is for pretty plates

oh my, they are pretty.

d is for dream clouds

brought to you by the friday morning class:


these are cloud shaped posterboard pieces that each child lined in cottonballs after sharing their dream. we listened to parts of dr. king’s “i have a dream” speech and then asked the childen what they wish for.


l is for listen to dr. king

i bought dr. king’s “i have a dream” speech on itunes to use at preschool. i had several photographs of dr. king to show as a slideshow while we listened. we turned off the lights and got quiet. it is a rare occasion to have screen time in preschool, but worth it. i located the places of his speech where he speaks directly about children, first his own then his dream for all children.


one little girl piped up: hey! he’s talking about us!


oh yes he is.