f is for fraction (pizza style)

one pizza cut in 8 pieces is still one pizza.

two halves make one whole.

if a pizza is cut into four pieces, each piece is a fourth.

cutting pizza

these are the concepts we explore this week.

cutting pizza

the pizzas we painted had a couple of days to dry and were ready to cut.

cutting pizza

i drew lines on the back and the preschoolers could decide how many pieces they wanted.

cutting pizza

cutting pizza

then the pieces were arranged and glued on mat board to take home.

delightful 3d art.

cutting pizza

p is for pizza



we painted paper plates with red paint (sauce) and added torn paper bits (toppings).


i wanted some traditional “pizza parlor” music while we painted and couldn’t find what i wanted on pandora.  i googled “pizza song” and found dear uncle moishy.

pizza song

maybe some of you know him, i didn’t until now.  but this song hasn’t left my mind.

uncle moishy

good stuff

it is a general policy of mine that i don’t show screens (tv or computer), but we did get a peek at uncle moishy’s “pizza song movie.”

movie time

after viewing it, i adapted the computer so we could hear it but not watch it. : )

no screen

o is for outdoor dreams

i want this (all images from progressive early childhood….i wish i could visit in real life!):

i also want a huge pvc pipe for the kids to roll around in.   and huge boulders for the kids to climb on.  and a little stream running through the playground.

playground moments - 02 by you.

i am so grateful for what we have.  safe equipment, lots of green space, sidewalks for rainy days, big trees…

IMG_2281.JPGplayground moments - 08

and for the new rock that will protect while jumping and be loaded in dump trucks.

playground moments - 06

but seriously, if you are close enough to drop some of this other stuff (logs, tree trunks, slices of tree trunks, tractor tires, an old wooden boat, pvc pipes, a concrete tube…)off on our playground, please do.

thanks for the inspiration and the reminders of what we have.

s is for sparkly pen

in honor of the new year, i offered sparkly pens for journal work.


there were some busy hands.  i. must. remember. the. value. of. sparkly. gel. pens.

sparkly pen

one  friend drew her self portrait 5 times…ending with a switch to the pink pen. : ) the drawings were almost identical.  i love this stage of early childhood.

face 1

face 2

face 3

face 4

face 5

quite an accomplishment!


p is for present (for our families)

if you are a preschool family and you haven’t opened one of these, go check your child’s backpack and don’t read further!

:: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::

back when we painted our stars, we also painted these from discount school supply.

then we used the same photos as we use on our picture board.

ms. carol acted as “glitter fairy” one morning and added beautiful glitter designs.

then there was name writing and ornament wrapping.  when preschoolers are learning to “write” their names, i always emphasize the importance of scribbling, not perfect letter formation.  when children ask for traditional letter formation help, i “write” it first with my fingernail which leaves a little indentation as a guide.  but one of my favorite stages is when i call out their name letter by letter and the children make little scribble marks for each letter.

really sweet.

p is for pajamas

on our christmas celebration days we wore our pajamas.

pajama day

there were books read, songs sung, poems chanted, candy canes hunted for, and cookies eaten.

pajama daypajama daypajama daypajama daypajama daypajama day

thank you, families, for sharing your children with us!

pajama day

p is for play dough cookies

i made mint play dough for christmas week and pulled the family corner stove close to the table.

such a great opportunity for “kitchen language:” turn the oven to 5 degrees, cook them for 3 hours, add more flour, find your oven mitten, my tray is full, get off the stove-it’s on!


p is for (snowy) pinecone

i first saw this as a project to turn pinecones into little owls.  imagine these with owl eyes glued on.  cute.


in anticipation of christmas, we just made them as snowy pinecones.  using these from discount school supply, we poked cotton balls in. clearly a pencil would work too!   it was easiest if the cotton balls were pulled apart into tinier pieces.


oh, snowy pinecones, welcome to the season.