t is for toothpaste (to paint with)

white paint + blue paint + mint extract = paint that looks and smells like toothpaste!

toothpaste paint

i had tooth shapes on mat board and toothbrushes to brush each tooth with.

toothbrush paint



fun stuff.

d is for dentist


oh, joy.  this was more fun than i expected.


we set up a pretend dentist office in the classroom.  it didn’t take the place of the family corner where dramatic play usually starts.  it was across the room so there was quite a bit of traveling back and forth (as well as wood deliveries from the block corner).


there was a waiting area, a reception desk and the one patient seat.


it posed a slight risk to have the clip on lamp, but there were no injuries and the effect was fabulous.




other supplies included coffee stirrers (as tooth counters), disposable changing pads for bibs and mats, blocks that were used as xray machines, and real xrays!


we had mirrors for friends to hold which proved helpful for doctor and patient:


some medicine showed up mid week.  there were a lot of “tickets” written.



the big toothbrush and teeth were fun.


and near the end of the week one clever friend “lost” two teeth!




t is for teeth

circle time

we brushed our teeth with water all week long.  some children brought a toothbrush from home, some used one from ms. stacey and a dentist in town (thank you, again!).

teeth brushing

teeth brushing

teeth brushing

one of our projects was teeth counting and drawing.

teeth counting

teeth drawing


every single preschooler had 20 teeth!

r is for roll

our giant tape ball had some action a few weeks ago.

from the sanctuary (also known as “big church room”) down to our classroom.

ball rolling

ball rolling

(i was on my back taking these and the ball rammed the camera into my face.  yikes.)

ball rolling

ball rolling

ball rolling

and if the ball made it’s way around the corner like this to the classroom, that was a “goal.”

t is for tube

i had no idea the joy this tube would bring.  i expected cars racing through.  i expected blocks racing through.  i’m surprised it hasn’t been colored or covered with tape.

tube hauling

but i didn’t expect kids to figure out how to launch cars simply by slamming it down on a shelf.  yes, it was loud.

tube hauling

and i sure didn’t expect the sheer JOY that the kids show in simply hauling this thing around.  all classes.  they just walk around with it.  all around the room.  no one has been knocked down yet.  no tables cleared either.

tube hauling

tube hauling


tube hauling

thank you, mr rob, for taking a break from cootie to bring us the tube.


c is for (sticky) candy cane

i only knew these as wikki stix until we were given bendaroos (thank you ronni)!

they have been made into spiders, flowers, bracelets, and this week, into candy canes.

of course!

t is for tape ball

so, the big tape collage was getting pretty round.


we turned it into a tape ball and suspended it like our pumpkin.




and YES, there is regular redirecting to not pull or hang or kick  or swing…


j is for jump


a piece of fabric threaded through the ceiling tile (yes, carefully done and moved to make sure it wasn’t pulling too hard), handles made from duct tape, a trampoline borrowed from a family (thank you, otis, for sharing).


really good times.


really good static.


really contemplative figuring out of things (notice the mirror being used to see the fabric from different angles).

i don’t have photos of the little dollhouse figure that got many rides on the fabric.  she had a blast.