w is for wind

i was in charge of an intergenerational sunday school time on the topic of the holy spirit.  we made these wind catchers to demonstrate that even if you can’t see the wind, you know it is there because the fabric moves.  with church and preschool sharing space, we share these now too.


the children are surrounded by streams of color that move with every passerby.


i am surrounded by the reminder that goodness and peace are moving with us.


p.s.  to make one you need a panel from old wire shelving units and about 20 thrifted scarves. : )

w is for winter animals

we discussed ways that animals adapt to winter and hid some of our nuts to eat at home.

hiding nuts

hiding nuts

a paper “cave” glued to old mat board, covered with kleenex and paper towels, then nuts hidden inside.

hiding nutshiding nuts

we covered the cave hole with another kleenex.

hiding nuts

that way families didn’t know we had nuts in there.

w is for winter

welcome to winter!

feeling cold?

how about making yourself a fireplace!


still from this painting project, we cut flames and glued them to a big paper.

reading by the fire

(here we are showing our favorite pages from christmas books.)

favorite books

if you don’t have a bridge/boat, the kids think you could use chairs or a table on its side. : )

fireplace stand

w is for waiting

when we have to wait (which i try HARD to avoid), i’ll invite the children to copy me.


sometimes it’s too strange to do more than stare or laugh, though.


thanks, carol, i don’t think i’ve ever seen a photo of this in action…they are so cute!

w is for web

another year, another web.

spider web  - 4

spider web  - 1

spider web  - 3

this time an elephant came out to play.

spider web  - 2

our egg carton elephant named ellie.

one elphant went out to play upon a spider’s web one day

she had such ENORMOUS fun that she called for another elephant to come…

two elephants went out to play… (you get the idea!)

:: :: :: ::

elephant on spider's web! - 1

then we had some elephants walk on our own paper spider webs.

elephant on spider's web! - 2

elephant on spider's web! - 3

w is for washing

note: this activity was done during a week long camp
called “way back when…” for 4 & 5 year olds at our local museum.

washing time

oh, joy of joys.  a praire delight.  on the day we learned about clothing way back when, we washed our picnic cloths (so they would be clean for dress up as kerchiefs, bonnets, or superhero capes).
washing time

washing time

mr. vic came and told us about how water was hauled from a well into the house.  this is a real and functioning windmill.  he helped the preschoolers use the hand pump to fill our washtubs.

washing time

washing timewashing timewashing timewashing time

washing time

then since we couldn’t take them to the dryer, we hung them in the kansas sun.

washing time

washing time


washing time

w is for writing

someone down the hall donated a stack of yellow notebooks.  perfect for yellow week!

yellow days

the kind of writing that happened was unique and so fun to see.

yellow days

the “office” expanded quickly from one table to two.

y is for yellow water

there was only one child who said what i was thinking…

yellow water

this doesn’t look like water…

yellow water

we change our water daily and add different things:

yellow food coloring

yellow paint (this makes an opaque yellow

apple scented bubbles

baby shampoo

and my favorite of the week:  banana extract

we also move the mirrors to different spots.  over the water table, next to it, one on each end, etc.

yellow water

e is for earth day

earth day

when i say EARTH DAY, you say EVERY DAY!

earth day

we were graced with beautiful weather and moved as many of our preschool activities outside as we could.

earth day earth day

earth dayearth day

earlier in the week we did a two-part project of painting earths.

earth day

first the children painted green land masses (VERY tricky to not paint the whole plate green!).

earth day

later in the day we added in blue water AROUND the green land.

earth day

and since it is X week and we are looking for treasure all week, some glitter was added.

earth dayearth day

this planet really is a treasure.

happy earth day 2009.

:: :: :: ::

earth day 2010 here.