school calendar

Themes of the Year!

September: Yellow
5-6, 11: welcome to our school family (bring family pictures)
12-13: NO SCHOOL
18-20: a is for autumn
25-27: b is for ball (bring balls for show and tell)

October: Orange
2-4: c is for cat
9-11: d is for dirt…and the pumpkins that grow there!
16-17: NO SCHOOL
18: national chocolate cupcake day
23-25: e is for exit and extinguish (fire safety week)
30-31: f is for funny or frightening (halloween celebrations)

November: Brown
6-8: g is for gratitude (bring pictures of favorite things for placemats)
13-15: h is for home (thanksgiving feasts)
20-22: NO SCHOOL
27-29: i is for international hat day (bring hats for show and tell)

December: Red
4-6: j is for jingle bells and baby jesus
11-13: k is for kris kringle…and other christmas traditions
18-19: christmas celebrations and pajama parties (no regular show and tell)
25-27: NO SCHOOL

January: Black and White
8-10: l is for legume…national bean day is the 6th!
15-17: m is for martin luther king jr
22-23: NO SCHOOL
24: national peanut butter day
29-31: n is for newspaper

February: Pink
5-7: o is for o shaped food…and national pizza day is the 9th!
12-14: p is for pink (valentine’s day celebrations)
19-21: q is for queen quartence..she’s a quick one!
26-28: r is for reading…it’s dr. seuss’s birthday on march 2!

March: Green
5-7: s is for spaghetti…national meatball day is the 9th!
12-14: NO SCHOOL
19-21: t is for tom tom the leprechaun…it’s never too late for st. patrick’s day!
26-28: u is for umbrellas and ultraviolet…and weather awareness month!

April: Purple
2-4: v is for violet
9-11: w is for walk…around on our easter egg hunts!
16-18: NO SCHOOL
23-25: x is for x marks the spot…treasure hunt week!

May: Blue
April 30-2: y is for yellow flowers…may day is may 1!
7-9: z is for zippedeedoodaa! (bike-scooter-water play extravaganza!)