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new creation preschool

HOW TO REACH US:  New Creation Preschool meets at New Creation Fellowship Church, 221 Muse in Newton. Please use New Creation Preschool’s entrance on the north side of the building (turn in the alley to get to it).   Parking is available in the parking lot off of Pine Street, on Muse Street in front of the church, or in the small parking lot at the end of the alley north of the church.  Please do not park along the alley in order to keep the lane free for driving in and out.

call or text: 316-217-5650
find us on facebook (and “like” us!): New Creation Preschool

HISTORY:  New Creation Preschool was founded and created by a group of people from New Creation Fellowship Church in 1994. Kristin Neufeld Epp began then as director and lead teacher. In the first year, New Creation Preschool operated as an all day childcare program. Starting in Fall 1995, we moved to a preschool structure.  We grew as a program and moved to Asbury Park in 2002 after fire destroyed our classroom at New Creation Fellowship Church. We were blessed to have added intergenerational experiences with Asbury Park elders before moving back to New Creation Fellowship Church in time for the 2009-2010 school year. In Fall of 2011, we added two afternoon sessions to accommodate our growing program.

may day

WHO WE ARE NOW:  New Creation Preschool is licensed by the State of Kansas for children 2.5 years of age and up (and not yet enrolled in kindergarten). Children attend one, two or three sessions per week.  This program operates under regulations required by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment. Each class is guided by Ms. Kristin (lead teacher and director) and a Classroom Assistant. Volunteers will be welcomed into our classroom after training, health assessments and background checks required by the State of Kansas. Our qualified staff is overseen by the New Creation Preschool Serving Unit which meets monthly to care for the needs of the preschool.   All matters pertaining to New Creation Preschool will be processed with staff members and brought to Preschool Serving Unit meetings. Members include a Chairperson, Treasurer, Parent Representative, Community Liaison, Project Development Representative, and NCF Church Council Liason.  While New Creation Preschool has never been seen by New Creation Fellowship Church as a way to “get preschool families to come to church,” we celebrate when they do!  You are warmly welcomed to join us at 9:30 for Sunday School (in the preschool classroom) and 10:45 for a relaxed and genuine worship time.


PHILOSOPHY: New Creation’s philosophy is that early childhood should be a time for exploration and discovery. Education in these early years should foster competence in young children in all areas of their lives. Our purpose is to provide a Christian atmosphere for your children where they can grow physically, emotionally, socially, creatively, and intellectually while best preparing them for Kindergarten.

TUITION: There is a standard tuition level of $56/month per number of session your child attends in a week (ex:  2 days a week = $112/month)

As a non profit ministry of New Creation Fellowship Church, we offer varied tuition levels based on income and the number of people in your home.  Please contact New Creation Preschool for more information.  After your tuition level is determined, a Financial Record will be made for your family.  This will be used to keep track of all payments received.  You are welcome to view this record at any time by contacting the director.

Tuition is broken into 9 monthly payments each due on your child’s first school day of the month September-May. No cash will be accepted; checks and money orders only. Make checks payable to New Creation Preschool and write the month you are paying for in the Memo section. Deposit your tuition in the TUITION BOX located in the classroom.  You will be sent notification when a tuition payment is overdue.  In the event that you have missed 2 tuition payments, you will be contacted by a New Creation Preschool Serving Unit member to set up a Payment Plan.

SUGGESTED CLOTHING: Because so many of our projects require creative spirits, you are encouraged to dress your child in clothes they can move freely and get messy in!   We have paint aprons for children to wear during painting, but we also know that paint can still find its way on clothes. All the products we use are labeled “washable” to aid in clean up, so we can all relax and concentrate on learning! You are responsible for applying sun-block and bug spray before school when you think it’s necessary. As cool weather approaches please dress your child appropriately! Many children enjoy wearing layers so they can control their own body temperature while indoors (it gets really toasty in our classroom)! We will go out even in the coldest weather (it’s the best time to see your breath!) so keep your child warm!

GET INVOLVED:  There are many opportunities for family participation at New Creation Preschool:

FAMILY CONFERENCES: We will hold Pre-Kindergarten Conferences in the Spring of the school year. During conferences, we will look at collected work, review progress, and discuss the transition to Kindergarten. Private conferences with teaching staff and director are always available.

SNACK TIME: An important time each day is snack time! We use this as an opportunity to introduce new foods and teach healthy eating habits. We’ll also practice our table skills such as passing foods, pouring drinks, etc. You are invited to participate by signing up on our FRESH FOOD CALENDAR to bring fresh fruits or veggies for us to eat; we provide crackers and drink!

BIRTHDAYS: We will celebrate each child’s birthday during the school year. This celebration includes figuring out how old the birthday child is, singing the Birthday Song, flying in the Birthday Chair and lots of counting! You are invited to bring birthday treats to add to our snack time. Let Ms. Kristin know which day is most convenient for you.

SHOW AND TELL: Your child will be invited to participate in show and tell experiences each week at New Creation. Please watch for notes home telling you the theme of the week’s SHOW AND TELL!  Children are invited to bring the Show and Tell item every day that they attend.

PLAY DOH HELPER:  You will be invited to sign up if you are interested in providing play-doh for your child’s class once during the school year.  This can be store-bought or made at home (Kristin has recipes that will be sent home).

SCHOLARSHIP FUND: Every year New Creation Fellowship Church gives generously to help support this preschool program. While New Creation Preschool relies on tuition to meet costs, we make arrangements for each family to attend regardless of financial situations. Therefore, a Scholarship Fund exists. Everyone is invited to give this fund on a regular basis or as a one time gift. Please write “Scholarship Fund” in the Memo section.

VOLUNTEER: We view our volunteers as “teacher friends” and look forward to building these relationships. You can volunteer as often as you like and according to the schedule that works best. Please communicate your interest using the following form to Kristin. All volunteers will receive initial training information and be required to have a background check.

BEHAVIOR MANAGEMENT: Parents and caregivers are often concerned with discipline. We have a few guidelines for dealing with negative behavior that are in keeping both with our understanding of child development and with our philosophy.  Discipline helps children to cope with the challenges of daily living, interpret their world, and learn social skills. If the classroom environment is conducive to the children’s development, discipline problems occur less often.  Perhaps the most significant aspect of New Creation Preschool is that learning experiences are offered in an environment that has been carefully prepared for each child to move as slowly or as quickly as needed. Gentle voices are used and each child is given the space and time required to feel confident and secure. Experiences are open-ended and encourage each child’s imagination to grow.

Children at New Creation Preschool are helped to not hurt themselves, others or things. Young children may not yet understand that hitting hurts or that they should be “nice” or “polite.” They may not even understand that hitting, grabbing toys, throwing, and biting are not safe.

We are committed to helping children find alternative things to do or say in expressing angry feelings as a more effective way of developing a conscience. We also help to build their consciousness by setting firm and consistent rules.   New Creation Preschool staff participate in a Conscious Discipline® workshop yearly.

LANGUAGE:  Children are encouraged to “use their words” to express their feelings and to work out difficulties. We believe it is important to allow children to express their feelings verbally no matter how negative they may sound. Needless to say, we never hit children or use any forms of physical punishment.

TIME OUTS:  We don’t use time outs in the traditional way. We don’t expect young children to understand why they need to sit apart for a specified period of time. We may remove a child from a situation saying, “You’re having a hard time doing so and so. Let’s find something else for you to do.” Teachers will make sure the child is well settled and involved before leaving him or her. Often prevention is the best means of avoiding a potentially difficult situation.

HEALTH & SAFETY INFORMATION: By state regulations, each child is required to have on file the following forms:

  • Authorization for emergency medical care
  • Medical Record (general information form including immunization record)
  • Child Health Assessment (completed by doctor)
  • Permission to leave premises

The following are conditions which will exclude a child from NCP:

  • FEVER…an oral temperature of 99.1 degrees or greater.
  • VOMITING…one or more episodes in a 24 hour period
  • DIARRHEA…uncontrollable, increased number of stools or stools that cannot be contained in toilet.
  • RASH…should be evaluated by a health care professional.
  • COMMUNICABLE DISEASE…if contracted, a notice of possible exposure will be posted. The ill child will not be allowed to return until the contagion period has passed

classroom 2010-2011 - 27

EMERGENCY PROCEDURES (for additional information, please see our expanded SAFE SCHOOL POLICIES):

IN CASE OF ILLNESS/INJURY: If your child is found to be sick, injured, or if behavior is of concern while at New Creation, the parent/legal guardian will be notified immediately. If emergency care is required, 911 will be called, then the parent/legal guardian.

IN CASE OF TORNADO WATCH: In the event that a Tornado Watch is issued for the Newton/Harvey County area, all children will remain inside with adult supervision. An adult will periodically check local radio stations for weather updates.

IN CASE OF TORNADO WARNING: In the event that a Tornado Warning is issued for the Newton/Harvey County area, all children will move to a designated Shelter (the self enclosed church nursery connected to our classroom-a sign marks the space in the classroom) and remain in the Shelter with adult supervision until an “all clear” has been issued. Monthly drills required by KDHE are conducted and recorded April, May, and September.

IN CASE OF FIRE: In the event of a fire, all children will accompany an adult out of the building through one of three designated exits. It will be the responsibility of the staff to verify that all children are out of the building and with the group. Once all are out of the building, 911 will be called. Monthly drills required by KDHE are conducted and recorded.

IN CASE OF INCLEMENT WEATHER: New Creation Preschool will follow Newton USD 373’s emergency closing procedures.  Should weather turn for the worse during school hours and a NCP Serving Unit member has authorized closing school early, you or another adult on your child’s enrollment form will be contacted.  Check facebook and email for notifications as well.


New Creation’s curriculum is one that works to enhance your child’s feelings of being competent and cared for. This curriculum favors the development of your child’s physical, emotional, social, creative, and intellectual selves. Each day your child will be encouraged to participate in a planned activity for each of these areas. Working with the Kindergarten team of USD 373, our curriculum and activities involve the skills we believe will best prepare your child for Kindergarten.

Our outdoor Play Ground is a fenced area with several play structures and many trees. This serves as a wonderful extension of our classroom. We spend time outside in most kinds of weather knowing that certain skills are learned and practiced best outdoors!

Perhaps the most significant aspect of New Creation’s curriculum is that activities are offered in an environment that has been carefully prepared for each child to move as slowly or as quickly as they need to. All activities are available for each child to do at his or her own pace. There is a fine balance between following a schedule and constructive independent times.  We enjoy watching children progress during the year as they learn good social skills and a love of school!

Your child will participate in activities and experiences that revolve around our Letter of the Week, our Book of the Week, and our Color of the Month as well as any other special events.  You will receive a monthly newsletter letting you know our plans.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

DAILY ROUTINE: During our mornings together, we keep ourselves busy! There is always a Letter of the Week and theme. Families know this from our monthly newsletter. Here is what we will get done every time we come to preschool:

Work Time: this is the time of day when preschoolers are in charge of finding work to do. Teachers are available to guide activities and offer suggestions as needed. Some activites are always available, others change with the themes.

weaving a web at preschool by you.

Circle Time: this is the time of day when we are sitting together (in a circle!) and listening to each other. Here we practice many of the school skills that will be found in a traditional Kindergarten classroom: calendar work, alphabet sounds and recognition, name reading, color recognition, patterning, and more.

classroom 2010-2011 - 07

Project Time: this is the time of day when we create something. We ask for children to come in clothes that they can get messy in believing it is important there to be freedom to participate fully. We use lots of paint and lots of glue during the year!


Story Time: this is the time of day when the teacher is reading to the children. Through our stories we are able to introduce new concepts while having children experience the security of being read to. Our books are chosen based on the Letter of the Week and are connected to the other activities of the day.

ms kristin reads by you.

Music Time: this is the time of day when we sing songs, play instruments, recite poems and act out fingerplays and rhymes. We enjoy making up new songs for the week’s theme as well as finding old nursery rhymes that many of our parents and grandparents know.  Ms. Kristin has fun learning practicing chords on her ukulele.

S week • preschool 0809 by you.

Snack Time: this is the time of day we get our trays and eat together…there is always a fresh fruit or vegetable for us to try. Families are invited to sign up to bring snack for their preschooler’s class each month.


Clean Up Time: this is the time of day we help put things away in the classroom. There are several songs we sing to keep this time fun and remind preschoolers that we aren’t cleaning up just what we played with, but whatever our classroom needs!

Group Time: this is the time of day when a teacher guides an activity for the whole class or small groups…science experiments, alphabet work, math readiness, and more!

 classroom 2010-2011 - 08

Show and Tell Time: this is the time of day we look at what preschoolers brought to show and tell us about. Our Show and Tell time is based on our Letter of the Week…families will know what to bring from our newsletter.

Outside Time: this is the time of day we explore on the playground and the wide open green space around the church. We have our own play strucutres within a large fenced yard with sidewalks perfect for trikes and chalk!

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

thank you for your interest in new creation preschool.

23 thoughts on “family handbook

  1. Nora Miller

    Brings back such wonderful memories from when my girls attended!!!! So happy (and proud of you) to see you are continuing your fun-filled days for little ones! :)


  2. Tiffany Burke

    I would like to know if you have two openings in the morning for the next year. I also have some other questions. I can be contacted by email or my cellphone @ 620-382-6698.


  3. becc72

    I’ve just discovered your site and have loved reading about your preschool program. You’re a very inspiring teacher, writer and photographer. it’s great to see other educators at work – especially in other countries. thanks for your hard work xxx Becc


  4. Merrill Krabill

    hey Kristin, I think you should know Marvin Bartel, who has thought a lot about art education. I will send him a link to this page. His page is at and there is a link to Teaching stuff.
    I hope all is well for you and your family!
    Merrill Krabill


  5. christi meier

    So many people love you….don’t really know if understand how greatful we all are having you help in the upbringing of OUR children. Everyone has amazing things to say about you…. We are blessed to have you as teacher and the inspiration you bring to our children is beyond words. Thank you Kristen, and all your helpful parents and teachers for all you do. Ms. Viliya….we miss you to!!!! Thank You!!! Also….Rylee says we miss Mr. Rob TOO!!!


  6. Jara Downs

    I too am the director of a New Creation Preschool, here in Texas! You have a wonderful program going on, and our programs seem very similar! We have 28 teachers and 12 classrooms ranging in ages from 12 months to 5 years old! So inspiring to see what you are doing! I linked my personal blog to this and from time to time I post things that are happening at the school! Best wishes to you as you nurture those darlings!!!


  7. Erica

    Your preschool looks like a wonderful place. I was ready to pack my bags and head from NH to Kansas to look for a job within your program. It is so clear the children who attend your preschool are very blessed. Kudos to you all for truly having your heart and soul in your program!


  8. Aggie DaCosta

    I really enjoyed looking at and reading about your center. Kudos to you!
    We just got back from DC and Friday we spent time at Matthew’s preschool “National Child Research Center” and Gabriel’s playschool “Blue Igloo”. Both are excellent programs!

    I’ve enjoyed following “old friends” on Facebook.


  9. Lana

    You are an amazing and inspiring teacher/director!
    I am in awe of the space you have created for your students.
    I am in awe of the creative way that you use your resources.
    I am in awe of the fact that there is someone who is actually putting into practice exactly what I value and appreciate and know to be of Eternal significance.
    Your philosophy just isn’t some nice sounding words strung together. Each picture is a reflection of your philosophy.
    Lots of folk talk the talk.
    You walk the walk.
    You are a blessing to others because you let us see best practices in action.
    Thank you for sharing!


  10. LaQuetha

    Thank you so much for this blog it is very inspiring. I do have a question, is there a way to for me to email you some questions about your curriculum. I just moved up to the pre-k classroom in our school and before that I was the lead in the 3s. I am scrambling to get a curriculum together so that the children will be ready for kindergarten. I was wondering how do you incorporate the letters in the room daily, show-n-tell and how to you do your themes. Any input would be greatly appreciated.


  11. Mindy

    Thank you so much for your very creative ideas! I am a busy mom who has been blog-hopping all evening just to find a great resource for things to do with my smarty-pants 2-year-old. Great tips!


  12. Jessi

    I am truly inspired by your teaching ethics. I am also a teacher/director in a one room school. It has been my dream job. Your projects/pictures/philosophy are fantastic! Thank you for being one of the best!!


  13. Michelle

    Truly inspiring! I would enroll my little one in a heart beat if we were in Kansas. I really want to give my kids a similar environment and experience at home. What would you suggest (supplies, resources) for a mom going the home-school route?


  14. Kris

    Kristin, tonight is the first time I’ve looked at this section of your blog. I have a question. I love that you serve fresh fruits and veggies at snack time – I am more appalled all the time at the foods being marketed to our children (our elementary school just began a breakfast program and guess what they serve? Two flavors of Rice Krispy bars and two flavors of Pop-Tarts! Unbelievable!!) My question is, do you find that most of your kids do pretty well with eating these things? I am always surprised at how picky some kids can be (I guess mine do pretty well!) So when I saw the little cups of green peas on the picture, I wondered – do you have a lot of leftover, uneaten veggies some days, and what do you do with them? It would kill me to throw all those little cups of peas into the garbage, and yet, cold and flu season… nose-pickers…. butt-scratchers…. what do you do?? Compost? Just curious! Love spotting Abram in your pictures!


  15. Elisa S.

    New Creation Preschool is doing some wonderful things and truly providing an enriched program for these young children. It was great visiting your website and witnessing the beauty of your non-traditional preschool. Many blessings to you and the children/families you touch.



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