24 thoughts on “handbook

  1. Jennifer Bagby

    We are beyond blessed to have the most respectful and loving environment possible for our children. Thank you for your true dedication to “who children really are” and allowing them to grow and learn truly at their own pace in a safe and non shaming, non comparison environment. RIE is my parenting philosophy and there are hundreds of parents in the US that strive to find preschools that are even close to it. I am beyond thankful to God that we have a school and teacher completely in line with Magda! Forever grateful to you and your life’s work!


  2. Nora Miller

    Brings back such wonderful memories from when my girls attended!!!! So happy (and proud of you) to see you are continuing your fun-filled days for little ones! :)


  3. Tiffany Burke

    I would like to know if you have two openings in the morning for the next year. I also have some other questions. I can be contacted by email or my cellphone @ 620-382-6698.


  4. becc72

    I’ve just discovered your site and have loved reading about your preschool program. You’re a very inspiring teacher, writer and photographer. it’s great to see other educators at work – especially in other countries. thanks for your hard work xxx Becc


  5. Merrill Krabill

    hey Kristin, I think you should know Marvin Bartel, who has thought a lot about art education. I will send him a link to this page. His page is at and there is a link to Teaching stuff.
    I hope all is well for you and your family!
    Merrill Krabill


  6. christi meier

    So many people love you….don’t really know if understand how greatful we all are having you help in the upbringing of OUR children. Everyone has amazing things to say about you…. We are blessed to have you as teacher and the inspiration you bring to our children is beyond words. Thank you Kristen, and all your helpful parents and teachers for all you do. Ms. Viliya….we miss you to!!!! Thank You!!! Also….Rylee says we miss Mr. Rob TOO!!!


  7. Jara Downs

    I too am the director of a New Creation Preschool, here in Texas! You have a wonderful program going on, and our programs seem very similar! We have 28 teachers and 12 classrooms ranging in ages from 12 months to 5 years old! So inspiring to see what you are doing! I linked my personal blog to this and from time to time I post things that are happening at the school! Best wishes to you as you nurture those darlings!!!


  8. Erica

    Your preschool looks like a wonderful place. I was ready to pack my bags and head from NH to Kansas to look for a job within your program. It is so clear the children who attend your preschool are very blessed. Kudos to you all for truly having your heart and soul in your program!


  9. Aggie DaCosta

    I really enjoyed looking at and reading about your center. Kudos to you!
    We just got back from DC and Friday we spent time at Matthew’s preschool “National Child Research Center” and Gabriel’s playschool “Blue Igloo”. Both are excellent programs!

    I’ve enjoyed following “old friends” on Facebook.


  10. Lana

    You are an amazing and inspiring teacher/director!
    I am in awe of the space you have created for your students.
    I am in awe of the creative way that you use your resources.
    I am in awe of the fact that there is someone who is actually putting into practice exactly what I value and appreciate and know to be of Eternal significance.
    Your philosophy just isn’t some nice sounding words strung together. Each picture is a reflection of your philosophy.
    Lots of folk talk the talk.
    You walk the walk.
    You are a blessing to others because you let us see best practices in action.
    Thank you for sharing!


  11. LaQuetha

    Thank you so much for this blog it is very inspiring. I do have a question, is there a way to for me to email you some questions about your curriculum. I just moved up to the pre-k classroom in our school and before that I was the lead in the 3s. I am scrambling to get a curriculum together so that the children will be ready for kindergarten. I was wondering how do you incorporate the letters in the room daily, show-n-tell and how to you do your themes. Any input would be greatly appreciated.


  12. Mindy

    Thank you so much for your very creative ideas! I am a busy mom who has been blog-hopping all evening just to find a great resource for things to do with my smarty-pants 2-year-old. Great tips!


  13. Jessi

    I am truly inspired by your teaching ethics. I am also a teacher/director in a one room school. It has been my dream job. Your projects/pictures/philosophy are fantastic! Thank you for being one of the best!!


  14. Michelle

    Truly inspiring! I would enroll my little one in a heart beat if we were in Kansas. I really want to give my kids a similar environment and experience at home. What would you suggest (supplies, resources) for a mom going the home-school route?


  15. Kris

    Kristin, tonight is the first time I’ve looked at this section of your blog. I have a question. I love that you serve fresh fruits and veggies at snack time – I am more appalled all the time at the foods being marketed to our children (our elementary school just began a breakfast program and guess what they serve? Two flavors of Rice Krispy bars and two flavors of Pop-Tarts! Unbelievable!!) My question is, do you find that most of your kids do pretty well with eating these things? I am always surprised at how picky some kids can be (I guess mine do pretty well!) So when I saw the little cups of green peas on the picture, I wondered – do you have a lot of leftover, uneaten veggies some days, and what do you do with them? It would kill me to throw all those little cups of peas into the garbage, and yet, cold and flu season… nose-pickers…. butt-scratchers…. what do you do?? Compost? Just curious! Love spotting Abram in your pictures!


  16. Elisa S.

    New Creation Preschool is doing some wonderful things and truly providing an enriched program for these young children. It was great visiting your website and witnessing the beauty of your non-traditional preschool. Many blessings to you and the children/families you touch.



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